The Magdalene Mysteries

Concept and Direction by Jacek Ludwig Scarso
Presented by Elastic Theatre
Musical Direction by Naveen Arles
Dramaturgical support by Rishi Trikha
Produced by Iris Musel

With Sandra Shirley, Vincent Jerome, Femi Oyewole, Maya Sapone, Lola Maury, Amir Scott Sardari, Thomas Thoroe, Katharine Yates, Heather Knight, Holly Rose, Jessica Martenson, Wanda Caddick

Part of Jacek’s The Miscast Women Trilogy, The Magdalene Mysteries is an imaginary journey across the life of Mary Magdalene, created by fusing original historical documents, both canonical and apocryphal. Supported by The Facility: Centre for Performance Research at London Met and in collaboration with the


Southwark Playhouse, St James’s Piccadilly, The Space and Teatro Sala Uno

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