Concept, Script and Artistic Direction by Jacek Ludwig Scarso
Direction of Filmography by Savage Mills
Original Score by Ivan Hussey performed by Celloman
Design by Nadia Malik
Dramaturgical support by Rishi Trikha
Film, Edit and VFX by Savage Mills
With Adam Kirkham, Chiara D’Anna, Nicolas Simeha, Maya Sapone, Joachim Ciocca

Julius explores a coming of age story of intrusive thoughts and compulsive rituals. As an adolescent boy in a rural town learns about the life, times and many lovers of the emperor Caesar, he begins to experience recurring mental images and odd behavioural patterns. Supported by Wellcome Trust and Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Julius was launched at GV Art Gallery and premiered at


Spitalfiellds Music Festival, before an international tour. The project was researched in collaboration with experts from the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Bethlem Museum.

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